Some things die but then vampires show up and I get the guidebook out...

Elements of the accursed and the damned are in operation today on the picture book writing trail. I have some vampires, but they didn't manifest immediately. For most of the day I grappled with a different idea and worked it about before deciding that it was reading like synthetic custard made by someone who thought they were making coleslaw. I don't know how that works because I'm not a culinary expert until I try writing a recipe book for one of these daily challenges. Anyway, long story short, I had a good idea and tried writing it but after a long time decided it wasn't gelling. I wasn't enjoying it, was distracted and lost enthusiasm so dropped it for the day and contemplated something else.

That something turned out to be vampires because I'm a sucker for bloodsuckers. Wishing for some fun after getting frustrated, I decided to riff on folk monster legend and channel my affection for Dracula and Nosferatu into "Signs That You May Be A Vampire". It's a simple and silly guide to the symptoms and warning signs of contagion that could be fun to read with the right 'toonish' artwork. This I may ultimately end up providing myself and pushing out as a cheap zine. With the NHS being ripped apart I feel a sense of responsibility to release healthcare materials to help us all through future affliction because no one else is going to care if you can't pay for the required treatment and compassion.

Politicised wrath (I have a surfeit right now) may also get poured into one of these daily exercises but today I'll leave it be with the vampire guide. It makes me realise that writing the official guidebooks to supernatural menaces would be an excellent job to have. I'd like this job. If tomorrow I end up writing the manuscript for 'The Illustrated Guide to Incubus Attack', you'll know that I'm really taken with the idea and am in the process of expanding my portfolio ahead of pitching to the powers that be...

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