Astral projection adventures and more instructions for artists to go on a psychedelic spree...

I told you I was going to try and channel some psychedelic, out-there energies again on this March Madness mission and that happened for today's manuscript blast. Its title is "Thucydides DeLyra Hits the Psychic Highway" and it chronicles the adventures of a man who, bored of being in a coma, astral projects himself out of his physical Earth body and goes elsewhere.

It all no doubt stems from the fact I find the idea of transcendence and the notion of separating soul/psyche/spirit from physical form fascinating. Today's writing also undoubtedly comes from my wish to gleefully 'crazy' material and get my kicks out of doing off-the-wall stuff that elevates events above the mundane. I also wanted to write instructions for a hypothetical artist that encourage them to let their imagination run wild and embrace total creative liberation. The script calls for said artist to envision the astral plane and the psychic highway and draw them which is undeniably a mindblowing challenge. It's also a glorious opportunity if you're inspired and open-minded to try and smash some boundaries. If I had artistic skills (or a lot of LSD in my system) I'd love to throw myself into imagining up some of the stuff I'm describing.

Alas, I don't and the images in my head as realised by Kevin O'Neill or Moebius (rest in peace) are never going to be reality. These words just remain words waiting for an imaginary art genius and I remain talking to myself. Never mind, though - I'll just keep typing and seeing where my mind goes and what it comes up with. I can't astral project (yet) but I can summon up words and with a finite amount of time left on this escapade it'll be interesting to see which of them end up articulated and battered into picture book script format.

On with talking to myself. Seriously, I'm having some excellent exchanges and crossing some supercool ideas in these conversations. If you don't hear from me, I've got bored of my own company and have gone astral travelling...

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