Crackin' the whip and trying to crack rhyming couplets...

It's day two of this challenge and already the pressure is on and circumstances conspire to ensure it isn't a straightforward walkthrough. I'm taking a trip to see my Grandma and this means no computer to type up on and a squeeze to get stuff done before I hit the road (erm, train tracks).

No tech-device or word processing software: no problem. This is what pens and paper are for. In short, I'll be continuing to write up the tales over the next few days and stay on target.

As for today's mini-beast, it appears that being rushed for time means I end up writing rhyming couplets again. Maybe it's the singy-songy aspect that I like that has a hold on my mind and that manifests itself when I'm on autopilot. Regardless, I've got a nifty little piece called "The Troll Just Wants You to Pay the Toll" which riffs on Billy Goat Gruff folk tales and gives me opportunity to rhythmically list through gifts that the Troll doesn't want. If you want to cross the bridge you've got to have the right currency, kids. Wisdom and good travel advice.

It's not a masterpiece and could probably do with revisiting later but that's probably because it was written at blitz speed. What matters now is making sure I keep up the pace but try and ensure that quality and conscious moves away from the things I fall back on (those damn rhyming couplets and stories built on lists) happen.

I've got to go now and invade Wales. I'll be in a few days with more tales... (see what I mean about rhyming couplets?)

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