The return of rhyme and family-friendly reason with a fussy royal who won't eat bran flakes...

After yesterday's darkness and diabolic frenzy I decided to get back to some sweet and innocent material for the daily picture book scripting effort. I also decided it be nice to get some rhythm going again and thus that's what has come down on paper - a children's picture book poem tale.

"Breakfast Not Fit For A King" is a story of a fussy monarch who refuses to eat his breakfast no matter what is put in front of him. Dr. Seuss-style rhyming runs through all the different edible variations this King could have in the morning but chooses not to ('cause he's a difficult twerp). It's silly but was so much fun to scribe and read aloud. As an example of the verses going on...

He turns his nose up at fry-ups.
He claims the oatmeal tastes like paste.
Granola is passed over and the croissants go to waste.

Ah, how I love corny rhymes. It's also true that this kind of text has more chance of standing up on its own without visual images. That said, with art this could be elevated into something spectacular and glorious to flap in front of your face. I believe that artists (people who have true illustrative skills way superior to my humble sketching) could have an absolute riot realising some of the things I've written so far on this month-long mission. I'll keep churning out the words and picturing the full, artistic end ambition happening somewhere down the passage of time...

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