Devil worship and Satanic rites made simple for kids...

Today things took a diabolical turn. I've been spawning sinister material again and the Dark Lord swooped down and exerted his ominous dread presence all over my picture book script writing.

Today I've written "We're Going to Perform a Satanic Ritual" which is a lovely, whimsical tale of occult rites in the woods masquerading as a children's book. Aside from devoted Satanists or incredibly open-minded and eccentric individuals, I don't think many parents would read this to the children.

Never mind. As I've said before I get a huge kick out of conjuring up the subversive, dark matter and the cult edge to this concept (and other 'edgier' ideas I've cooked up and transcribed) appeals to me and I'm sure, some others somewhere as well. This has been the funnest thing to scribe up so far and I always enjoy and embrace any opportunity to riff on demonology and movies like Blood on Satan's Claw and The Devil Rides Out.

This is why I took Constructions of the Sacred, the Holy and the Supernatural as a Masters degree. Delving into my studies of cult worship, demonology, spiritualism, witchcraft and suchlike is always an agreeable option and I know I'll be revisiting this turf time and time again over this month. The challenge now is to resist temptation and ensure I don't stick with the dark, magick and mythical matter I dig so much. This is especially true if things arise that are inappropriate for children or for mainstream tastes (religion, blood sacrifice, naked cult worshippers and sex in the woods).

I hope I'm not the only person who likes this and I'm sure it'd look brilliant when realised by a proper illsutrator. For today, I'm just happy that I've written a children's book that effectively says "Hail Satan!"

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