Sunday morning needs some rhythmic silliness and cases of spontaneous combustion...

Yesterday's Banshee wailing and mortal woe bleaked me out way too much so I set about scripting up something slap-daffy and silly today as a more cheery change. What I needed was corny rhymes, kooky characters and surreal flourishes. "Have some fun!" I thought so I thought about fun things. Hey! Spontaneous combustion is fun!

Today's tale is thus titled "Spontaneous Combustion!" and does get back to the kind of gleeful rhythmic ridiculousness that I get a kick out of the most. It starts with a man watching his friend burn up and then to help him through the shock and confusion, Lola Pyrola (super-chic hazmat-spacesuit-wearing song-and-dance star) teleports in from the coolest party in the Solar System to lyrically learn him on the notion of spontaneous combustion. It's an opportunity for me to put together lots of rhymes about fire and focus on a phenomena that I find fascinating. I mean, fire just happening out of nowhere: how cool is that?

A sample of the scribbled nonsense...

Young children, innocent and sweet,
Are burning up on the high street,
Sadly to perish in the heat,
Spontaneous combustion!

Is this morbid? Perhaps it's a little dark but - as I say repeatedly - I like to do offbeat and slightly odd. The main impetus is on writing for the sake of writing and amusing myself but if I'm thinking on potentially audiences it's got cult curio potential (as a lot of the ideas I've spawned have). "Spontaneous Combustion!" could be a lot of fun for an artist or may actually be the kind of thing I could attempt to tackle badly myself and blast out as a web presentation.

I'm itching to share some of this junk I'm spawning and may have to get pens out and sketch 'em myself to ease that urge. That itch could, of course, also be the early warning sign preceding the spontaneous combustion outbreak... *explodes*

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