Weird Western rambles with the resolute Sheriff on the trail of his horse...

Yee haw and whoop whoop for weird Western action. Today's tale is crossing absurdist territory again and channeling my love of genre, riffing on old Western movies with extra love for other assorted sci-fi B-movies in there as well. The tale is called "Sheriff Samuel Goodgallop Looks For His Lost Horse" and concerns a slightly-inept Sheriff's attempts to apprehend banditos and recover his beloved stolen steed, Eureka. He follows the hoofprint trail and is so resolute in his retribution mission he doesn't care that he's passing warring Indians, ghost cowboys, runaway tarantulas, alien invasions and other assorted exceptional encounters. Of course it has a surprise twist ending. There's me trying to hook you in with suspense. Oh! The suspense!

It's the kind of schlocky, irreverent, culty stuff I get a kick out of the most and I like it as a fun tale. In my mind it'd look really cool with some cartoonish artwork, packaged up as a proper picture book. Same as other things I've spawned on this March Madness trip really - I have most fun scripting up the absurd and geektastic, packed full of in-jokery and irreverence. I can't say much else beyond I'd love to see someone art this up and that the things I'm most eager to share are the ideas that are more on the 'quirky' side.

Even though I'm feeling drained and looking forward to letting go off this challenge, it's still so much fun splurging out ideas on a daily basis. Sheriff Samuel Goodgallop has given me a good time today, and I think it reinforces what kind of material I most enjoy grappling with. This kind of stuff is probably going to keep me going to the end of the month. The days to come are going to be packed full of junk that is intentionally absolutely crackers...

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